Thank You, Jayhawks

  • It was a great year for us. The achilles heel of the team was always perimeter defense ( Jesse Newell had a great article about it a month or two ago). It reared it’s ugly head in the Final Four against a great Villanova team, and so our journey ends. This might be the most flawed team we’ve had in years, but they managed to win the B12 regular season for the 14th straight year, win the conference tournament, and make it to the Final Four. This might be the best coaching job ever by Bill. He certainly earned his Hall Of Fame credentials this year. It will be sad to see Devonte, Svi, and probably Newman go, but our cup will run over next year with talent. Our front line next year will be HUGE. We will have several promising players coming in to help us on the perimeter. I will guarantee you we will be a much better defensive team next year, as the Lawson brothers, Dotson and company can really get after it on the defensive end. So, once again, thank you Jayhawks for giving us the gift that keeps giving every year.


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