Nick Collison

  • I went to the Nuggets and Thunder game tonight in OKC with my son. I was watching Collison working on various shots and moves. He left the court toward the Thunder tunnel and grabbed a sharpie from security to sign autographs.

    Of course I made my way just a few rows from our seat. Thunder fans crowded along the rail to get his attention, waiting with various items for him to sign.

    I found a small opening and caught his attention by saying, “Rock Chalk Nick!” He smiled and responded back, “Rock Chalk!” I asked, “Are they going to do it again this year?” To which he replied, “I think they can…” I thanked him and went back to my seat. As I walked away, many Thunder fans began calling out, “Rock Chalk Nick…Rock Chalk…!” They weren’t a truehawk. As I walked away to my seat, I turned and watched him wrap up his session by giving high fives entering further into the tunnel.

    What a great night, and hopefully it’s a great sign for tomorrow. It’s weird to see Nick Collison and Carmelo Anthony playing on the same team. I’ll try to post some pics of Collison going through his pre-game shooting exercise.

    I explained the significance of that experience. My son said, “Dad, I’m going to take this program, autograph, tickets, and put them on the bulletin board in my room.” I was truly proud that my son got to have that experience with me on this night. Incidentally, he is crazy about Frank Mason and DG.

  • Really cool!

  • @truehawk93 Great father-n-son memory. I bet your son will be a long time Jayhawk fan rest of his life.

  • Nick Collison is ALL Jayhawk!!!

    He is a Williams player that would have thrived under Self also.

    Collison is a standing ovation kind of player.

  • @truehawk93 Nick will always be one of my favorites.

  • Pics of Nick Collison. It was great seeing him and speaking to him.


    0_1522514769948_Nick Collison.jpg

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