We Haven't Got a Chance; That's Why We Will Win

  • Bridges outweighs Vick by 40 pounds and has 2 inches on him, maybe three.

    Spellman is a true 4. He’s got 40 pounds and 2 inches on Svi, a converted point guard.

    They’ve got 6 three point shooters, we’ve got four if you count Garrett.

    They go 8-9 deep.

    We go 7 against a really good team.

    They have all the classic pieces.

    We’ve got duct tape and bailing wire.

    They’ve got Nike.

    We’ve got adidas.

    They’ve got the refs.

    We’ve got the shaft .

    They’ve got the Pope and the College of Cardinals.

    We’ve got Wayne Simien.

    They’ve got the entire Fake Media.

    We’ve got Holly.


    Our guys don’t even really come together until its hopeless.

    Our guys don’t just eat adversity for breakfast, they pack it in MREs and eat hardy amidst dissaters and obstacles the would reduce Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary to dialing 911.

    Our guys are the guys the United States Marine Corp are cheering for.

    Our guys are the guys that go ashore and find a way when they get there.

    If Vick and Svi have to, they will reduce this to hand to hand combat.

    I have seen them in Morgantown, when there was no way. They won.

    I have seen them in Texas Tech, when there was no way. They won.

    I have seen them win three in three when there was no way. They won.

    I have seen them when Bagley was certain to eat Svi alive and the refs tried to give Duke the game until even the refs got sick of Duke. They won.

    These guys are going ashore tomorrow.

    They are sharpening their Ka-Bars.

    They are packing extra ammo.

    They are meeting the enemy in what will soon be known as the Battle of the San Antonio River.

    They have been through this many times.

    Nova has never been through it this season.

    This is our kind of combat.

    See you on the other side.

  • @jaybate-1-0 I am freaking ready to eat nails Jaybate!!!

  • @jaybate-1-0 This is great stuff! I’m jacked up! Wish I could be in San Antonio or Lawrence for this game - I’ll be repping KU from the District of Columbia! Can’t wait for game time! Rock Chalk my friend and see you on the other side!

  • @jaybate-1-0 but they have the Philly Crime Families…

  • inspired!

  • Hang it in the locker room!

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