Dang Jo Jo

  • Whew Jo Jo took a shot to the head from Fultz last night.- -both was going down for the ball and collided smacked heads – Jo Jo was down for awhile - luckily no concussion - but had to go to the Hospital for further testing - -they hit pretty hard - -lucky - -not going to Atlanta

  • Orbital fracture and concussion. Likely out 2-4 weeks, putting their playoffs in jeopardy 😕

    Not really Fultz’s fault, freak bad luck thing, though I could see how unfamiliarity with mannerisms might have had something to do with it.

  • Yep. sucks. That team isn’t a team without Joel manning center. But hey, last season they were a 28 win team. This season I knew they would break into the playoffs.
    Next season they could have a starting line up of JoJo, Simmons, Fultz, Saric and Lebron James. What kind of shit would that be>>>??? Not likely, but still, cool to think about.

  • I feel really bad for Jo Jo, he can’t get a break

  • He broke his freakin’ orbital bone. Geesh, just a freak accident.

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