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  • Just like kusports and Jesse Newell… I will be doing some live coverage of games starting Oct. 29

  • i know there are many fans outside the viewing area and i will be happy to give live updates

  • Since I know there will be some games that I won’t be able to watch on TV, so I appreciate your willingness to put in the effort. I can’t type fast enough to keep up with anything in real time (or almost).

    You may have to draw me a map to guide me to your comments, tho. Unless they will appear on this site, maybe?

  • if i do it ill just do it on the blog on this site

  • This is the first introduction of the subordinating conjunction “if”… Are you still up to the challenge?

  • Anyone know of any online sites to watch the game on besides espn3?

  • Save me, save me…I need (much more than)advice…I am just outside the KC metro in the briars & brambles & no cable co is available in this rural area. I do have dish network but they do not, to my knowledge, carry metro sports or espn 3. So it appears I am sol for the JTV/espn 3 games. Does anyone know of a live stream that will show these games online? Couple of years back there was a site called Front Row or First Row Sports that streamed a few hard to find events, fights, etc., but it was a very poor quality definition pic deal & had continual, & I mean non stop, commercial interruptions. Would some one please throw me the “mae west” on this one?

  • The only games I can see on TV are those on CBS. Every other game last year I watched online. Firstrowsports does have a ton of popups, but if you view full screen they don’t pop up. The name has changed, however.

    It can be a bit blurry at times, and every now and then they link to the wrong game. But it’s usually not too bad. Sometimes they a few minutes late getting started, but then so is ESPN. It’s sure much better than missing the game completely!

    You can find a direct link to ESPN under the American Football page. I could never get their hi-def download to work, so I just follow the game link directly. I have a computer hooked up to the TV to watch the game on, and then use my laptop to follow the online chat and the box score.

  • I just took a quick peek at the schedule, and we have 25 games that are on some version of ESPN (1,2,3, or U). I have an old college buddy on the east coast who gave me his login and password for his cable provider. You should find an old college buddy and do the same. Then you can watch all those games online through ESPN, which is usually clearer and more stable than firstrow, and doesn’t have all those popups.

  • I should share one other tidbit for online viewers who are blacked out of coverage, which I learned from our community before the LJW broke us up and would like to make available here. I live in Canada, and access to ESPN,, and many other sites is blocked for users outside the US. Firefox has an add-on that allows you to modify the HTTP request headers sent to web servers. So the site thinks you are outside the blackout area, and allows you to access its content.

    The add-on and instructions can be found here:

    It works for local users in a blackout area, or international users who for some reason aren’t allowed access to US content.

    I’m not all that tech savvy, but I can follow instructions, and I’ve been able to watch almost every KU game online the past 3 years.

  • tundrahok +10 Thanks for the info.

  • yes i am up to it. The only reason i said if is the possible unfortunate scenario I have to work on some game day and cant. In that case hopefully someone will step up and take over. But yes come Tuesday there is no “if”, I will be doing it

  • @ globaljaybird… You can always try… Sometimes they dont have links to the lesser games though… Sometimes you have to try a few links before you can find one that will work

  • sorry globaljaybird i didn’t read your whole post. Apparently you are aware of firstrowsports. Yes i agree a lot of the times the quality is bad, bud sometimes it seems to be the only available option. I also know there were times on a link at but i required a password. I dont remember what it was, but from time to time people on kusports would post it

  • Thanks men. I didn’t know if firstrow was still even an available option online. For some reason I thought not.

  • @tundrahok Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Got my son’s Xbox setup with ESPN app, but was afraid I might run into blackouts. Got your post bookmarked. 🙂 (bow)

  • Kansas City Star has an online article about the tv scheduling. Sounds like a lot of unhappy Jayhawks!

  • They are so unhappy the article is gone!

  • sorry about the no coverage on Tuesday… My PC broke down and I just got it fixed today… my bad everybody i apologize

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