Pre Final Four musings

  • OK sports fans, here we go to another final four and this might be our most miraculous so far. I suppose the '88 team might come close but they had Danny Manning. We don’t have a future NBA stud on this team like that.
    These guys almost literally turned on the toughness light right after they got beat down in their last game of the conference. Nearly all of us doubted they could make it this far, but they did!
    Regardless of what happens this weekend, we get to hang another banner in AFH during late night next season. Stellar!! Geeez, there is so much icing on this cake right now, the stay puft marshmallow man couldn’t wade thru it.

    So, we have to face 'Nova again in what could easily be considered the national championship game. Hell, our game against Duke could have easily been the same. Anyways, I keep reading about how both teams are so similar. How are they going to guard each other, whatre their defenses going to do, etc.

    Personally, I think we need to target their 5 man and their PG for foul trouble as early as possible. They can shoot treys from all 5 spots. We can from 4 spots. We get the ball into Doke and make their 5 man get into foul trouble, that should even that out a little bit. I mean, cant shoot treys if your on the bench. Nobody on 'Novas team can hang with Doke in the paint. Not one.

    We need to let it fly from deep too. All our guards should have the green light. Even Mitch should have the green light!! I expect he may see the court in this one. Better match ups.

    Lastly, Im not sure I have such an intense dislike of 'Nova’s coach anymore. I mean, I was holding a major grudge against him for snubbing our boys in favor of his own during his time coaching the U19 teams, I think that was it? Any ways, I dont care about that any more. I mean, I could still hate on the guy if he was shady like Calipari or blatantly favored in recruiting and in games like coach K, but he isnt. Least I dont think so. Hell, KU has a better in coming recruiting class than 'Nova does by far this year. I dont know. Im on the fence about this.

    Bring on Saturday! Bring on the Final Four! Either way, its going to be a good game.

    Rock Chalk!!