KU Buckets 2nd Chance Tourney Pickem!

  • Rolling on the floor! Who’s brackets are trash??? Mine are! I only did two this season and both just got murdered with all the upsets. Did anyone pick UVA to get beat by UMBC? Is that right? UNC gone, Arizona gone ( HAHA sucks to be them) Michigan St gone, Xavier gone. I had UVA picked as my NC in my first bracket and Ive got KU picked in my other one. We’ll see what happens sports fans.

    I, for one, am totally thrilled that KU has made it this far and I hope they keep on dancing until April. But, seriously, I am not expecting anything else. Just look at the tourney so far! Its bonkers! I mean, we could literally have a final four with ZERO one or two seeds in it!! How crazy would that be?? People talk about parity being some sort of urban legend but its not! Not any more it isn’t.
    Im also very proud of the Big 12!!! 25% of the sweet 16. Toughest conference and its not close.
    Yeah, I was hoping every single big 12 team would win at least one game. Even K State and Texas. Well, I take that back. I despised OU this year simply because of Trae Young. Eff that guy. Remember when he “guaranteed” that he would beat KU and win the conference? So much for his post season accolades too. How many of the final awards lists have dropped him? sigh I guess its just youthful exuberation. Boy did he learn his lesson though, right??

    One final thing. I really hope, regardless what happens next week, that D’tae gets at least one post season award. He truly deserves it. I mean, that guy has been made of iron this year! Total stud. Nearly as good as Frank was last year. I only say that because he wont sweep the awards like Frank did last year.

    Rock Chalk!!!

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  • Sheesh. Another day, another busted bracket!

  • Wrong on all 4 games…

  • Madness I say!