Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

  • I doubt Devonte or Svi will go to the PIT this year but I wanted to put in on your radar if you’re in or near Virginia. It is a great tournament. Get to watch from right courtside teams full of borderline NBA talent play in a high school gym and you can get a day pass for $18 a person I think. It’s fantastic if you love college basketball. Worth even a road trip and bed and breakfast if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • Is the bed and breakfast at your house? 🙂 Sounds like a fun day. Who plays in it? When is it? Are the players current college guys?

  • @wissox 🙂 No can do on the B&B at my house unfortunately, but here’s some more info on the tourney…

    Here’s the site: https://www.portsmouthinvitational.com/

    As we get closer to the PIT tournament, especially right after the NCAA Tourney ends, the rosters will be posted. Because the players’ stock fluctuates some guys don’t show you think will show, but the overall talent level is excellent.

    Here are the players from last year: https://www.portsmouthinvitational.com/2017-pit-players

  • I liked B&Bs until someone pointed out that they’re just an old couples house a bunch of people come over to have sex in. Kinda weird from that viewpoint.

  • @dylans sex isn’t weird. It’s actually quite normal.

  • @approxinfinity true. It’s the “in an octogenarian couples house” part that weird to me.

  • Or perhaps it was how the argument was presented at the time- old people inviting people into their house to have sex. It just kinda lost its charm after hearing that argument.

    I Also lost any desire to stay at a B&B when I found out the really nice one we stayed at in Hawaii was run by a pederass (big lebouski shout out) who was taking nudes of his little kids. Undercut my happy memories Cosby style.

  • @dylans yeah, that’s definitely not cool…

    but, re: octogenarians doing whatever… I think that feeling of weirdness is a product of our culture. we are segregated by age all through grade school, and then for the most part are expected to have friends roughly our own age, and we are expected to live in separate houses with our children until they are adults and move out, and then we put our parents in assisted living facilities when the time is right.

    Also, we have created this concept of sterile accomodations like hotels where there is no trace of any personality from an owner. I really like AirBnB because I think it reverses that trend. I like personal touches in houses in which I stay. I like the concept of an innkeeper.

    So I agree, everything in our culture has taught us to see octogenarian BnB hosts as foreign. And our culture teaches us that foreign is weird, and so undesireable.

    But for me, I’m cool with the concept.

    What I’m not cool with is the overabundance of cameras. So I’d be a little more creeped out by those tech savvy social media loving BnB owning young people.

  • @approxinfinity Nah, it would be strange in my mind to no matter the age of the homeowner in the billing as a romantic getaway. I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve always had close friends decades older than me. Also I went to a very small private school where many classes were integrated k-6 and 7-12 with interaction at all levels.

    Under the billing of a hotel alternative for families they don’t bother me. It’s the whole B&B as a romantic getaway.

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