Is it good for Doke -- Not good

  • From the sound of it guys chances are Doke can go tomorrow. - The question is like I’ve been listening to today on the radio - Is it a good thing Doke tomorrow or should we rest him still tomorrow?

    I personally think this might be a little closer game then some might think. - -I think we still will win but will it be a 30 point blowout? - -I say no way - this is an underrated 16 seed - I think they should be looking at a 13 seed probably.

    Some have said and which I think might be good play Doke a bit -don’t over due - if we can get by with playing Silvio and Mitch the most tomorrow then that’s what we need to do. - -Play Doke but just don’t over due. - -Coach said he practiced live ran like 4 sets moved pretty good. - I just think ya let him get some work but yet no un needed chances. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If the trainers are confident he can safely go, I’d give him a few minutes. He needs to test the knee a little to see where his healing is truly at and to gain confidence in his knee as healed. It’s his first tournament too and it may take a bit to get acclimated. We’ll see how the staff plays it. I sure don’t want to see a hobbling Dok get any minutes.

  • I say only in an emergency…and hopefully there won’t be one. In the video of the open practice he looked pretty stiff in that brace. Maybe you argue some game action in the brace might be a good idea to get him used to playing in it before we really need him. I guess it all depends on how much of a risk of a set back.

  • Dang, we better not have an emergency or this is going to be a short tourney run.

  • @jayballer73

    Of course he should sit another 2 games, but Self will play him limited minutes both games.

    It’s all out time now.

    Everyone that can put on a shoe and guard plays!! 😏

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