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    We KU fans are so blessed to have Coach Self as our Coach. Talk about a stand up guy. Sure the guy wants to win. 14 Conference Championships mean anything? Lets keep in mind he as done it with half a deck. Look not trying to take away from the Wizard. However lets be honest he made is run with NBA legends.

    A few musings.

    Um Newman can play defense. The Kid is starting to spark memories of Chalmers. I mean this kid has really stepped up his game. Would love to see him come back for another year. Here’s hoping.

    With Doka nursing his wound. De Sousa has really stepped in and delivered. Who seen this coming? Lets be honest he’s lacking on moves to the basket. Yet kid is rebounding, blocking shots and is showing he can play. He is only making KU better.

    Old Mitch is showing he can be depended on. Though from watching him play. He is a much better help defender and clean up guy. Than being the man. He kind of gets eat up when playing up one on one sometimes. Yet give this kid some room to move and he’ll steal, block, or tap in your lunch.

    Starting to think Vick might be the key to how far KU goes in the tourney. Looking for teams to play more zone against KU. Well Vick you have to answer the call.

    I have to admit I was little concerned about KU getting a num 1 seed with Doka being hurt in all. Yet now that De Sousa has shown he can play. Shit bring it on. Now I’m thinking it’s going to take alot to beat KU, especially if Doka gets to play. KU just went from no dept in the paint to at least 3 bigs that can play.

    Rock Chalk.

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    Keep in mind that Lightfoot, much like Ellis, is really more of a SF playing PF because of need and now Center. He is overmatched at that position but doing great under the circumstances.

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