UFOTV Presents: Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation On UFOs

  • @jaybate-1-0 Watched this on Amazon Prime today. Fascinating, thorough, and seemingly irrefutable.

    Found the accounts of UFOs destroying a warhead of a test missile in flight and a different UFO disarming 40 missiles particular interesting.

    Maybe UFOs will save us from nuclear destruction. 🤞

    I wonder if any North Korean test missiles have been interfered with.

    Also of interest, Reagan’s 5 references to aliens in speeches, Carter discussing that he had seen a UFO… How much of Trump’s confidence in US ability to handle a nuclear threat, and flippant “fire and fury” comments toward Korea might be based upon knowledge of American mastery of alien anti-ballistic technology? And in that vein, how much of Obama’s modernization effort of our nuclear arsenal revolved around replacing patriot missiles with alien anti-ballistic tech?

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  • Thanks for sharing this with me.

    The “alien thing” is again ascendant the last month or two.

    One track of the story is the trickling out of new evidence from supposedly respectable sources like the military and intelligence sectors.

    Another track of the story is the private oligarchy may be springing an alien hoax as part of a ruse to drive us into subordinating to a global collective security structure with Russia and China and certain other leading countries. Add in a few more market collapses and eventually the people’s of the world will practically beg for the new order. This track says the hoax of aliens AND economic traumas are the path to triggering formation of an international military order and force. Russia announcing a new hypersonic missile system, as if it were a real surprise that USA had not given them (or they had ported to themselves illegally) to develop long ago, then incentivizes us to want to join in with the Russians to combat the evil alien threat. The Ruskies have the best weapon, or so the thinking might go. There are differing scenarios about whether China is invited in, or kept out and contained by the new global military order.

    I’m still a skeptic on aliens. Probably more so than ever.


    Because this wave of “aliens are real” stories is surfacing at exactly the time that our digital technology and sharply increased government control of the internet are enabling the faking of irrefutable evidence.

    Faking a documented alien presence would likely lead to further fear and demoralization of the nations of the world; this would further enable pursuit of a global collective security order presaging one world order, the same way NATO was used to presage the European Common Market and then the European Union. Remember to get the EU formed they had to use the Soviet boogey man for a long time. Aliens would make great boogey men.

    My best guess is the Atlanticist private oligarchy want to distract us again.

    They’ve been sewing predictive programming of alien mythologies in popular entertainment since the early 1900s when the Atlantacist private oligarchy’s central bank began to unfold the contemporary central banking order we see today. Maybe they are now giving the predictive programming a pilot test to see the actual effects of telling people aliens exist.

    I don’t know.

    I just think it is very conspicuous and improbable that real aliens would be confirmed at the very moment that digital technology and government control of the internet enable fake generation and distributing of supposedly irrefutable evidence.

    Remember, reports of aliens from other worlds have been reported for much of human history, but have always escaped irrefutable documentation, and so have never been widely accepted as real.

    Again, doesn’t it seem a long shot that aliens would be irrefutably confirmed at exactly the moment in time when our digital technology and our tightening governmental and intel control of the internet are capable of faking irrefutable evidence?

    Michael Crichton long ago made clear that digital technologies made the faking of evidence so convincing that it actually could not be detected as fake. Hence, any evidence transmitted digitally has to be viewed with some skepticism.

    And remember something else.

    Cui bono?

    Who benefits from being able to be the ones that claim to be in contact with irrefutable aliens?

    The ones that report the irrefutable evidence, I would guess.

    They get to tell us how we should best organize ourselves to meet the startlingly new challenge of surviving, or collaborating with the new aliens.

    The papacy was once able to convince great armies of Christendom to go on military crusades because of their direct line to god.

    I reckon this could work somewhat similarly.

    But I am a skeptic.

    I don’t buy conspiracy theories generally.

    And I absolutely don’t by the conspiracy theories, or conspiracy theory meming, spread by military-intel.

    But I do embrace hypotheses with high probability of feasibility that predictably serve the interests of a highly motivated and sufficiently funded groups of players from time to time, same as I from time to time find alternative hypotheses to those presented in official stories, as being more probably feasible.

    Most times I just don’t know what to think and so sit and wait.

    Hence, I am partial to just sit and wait for the evidence to come in in a form that I can find no way to call into doubt, and that I can confidently supply an answer to cui bono to.

    My suggestion is for Americans not to get too excited about the “alien thing” and wait and see.

    I know I still haven’t seen an alien yet, nor have I been contacted by one…that I know of.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 great perspective. Many of the accounts in the program were seemingly credible former military people, and hard to imagine that they would all be colluding, but certainly their interviews could be doctored, and the video evidence that they showed corresponding to their accounts could not be the original video because that classified video was destroyed, so were actually artists renditions of their testimonial.

    Still an interesting watch for those with Prime.

    Thanks for confining my assumptions to earth, literally.

  • The alien assault on weapon systems even from the lens of this being NWO propaganda is still interesting, as if there is no real alien threat, as well as no real imminent international nuclear threat, then there is no reason why the alien threat couldn’t also display characteristics that make us less afraid of the nuclear threat, while we still perceive it as real.

  • Please read this … will impact your thinking.


  • @HighEliteMajor

    That was a thought provoking read.

    But it prompted a question: where did he get that photo of our galaxy? 🙂

    I don’t believe any of our alleged space probes have reached that distance, have they?

    May be an alien visitor gave it to him?

    Now, about the Fermi paradox.

    Fermi posited it before Chaos Theory and Complexity theory were articulated and verified.

    The key is sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

    Ferm’s conception of the universe did not take sensitive dependence on initial conditions into account.

    Fermi said the universe was way big.

    Even the Milkyway was way big.

    He saw all the stars as possible Ns in a vast distribution.

    In his conception, if one sifted all the stars for the ones with solar systems about like ours, and with a planet about like Earth, one would be left with enough planets that statistically speaking a goodly number of should generate life. Among those that life should evolve to something capable of leaving a signature of some kind for us to find. Thus he was presuming a potential for similar evolution of life.

    But we know now that sensitive dependence on initial conditions greatly alters possible outcomes. And in very short order, the sensitive dependence evolves into bewilderinging complexity.

    I don’t think his statistical models accounted for sensitive dependence. I don’t believe the Chaos and Complexity mathematics existed for him to account for statistical impact on outcomes.

    To the point, each planet that Fermi assumed might generate light was in fact a highly unique phenomenon on which even the tiniest variations in initial conditions could have lead to a pathway of events completely precluding life’s formation, or could have completely precluded its evolutions steps unfolding remotely similarly to earth’s life.

    Essentially, sensitiveness of initial conditions does something similar to Fermi’s assumption that Fermi’s assumption did to the question of where is everyone.

    Sensitive dependence on initial conditions sky rockets the possibilities of life not emerging, and of life not emerging in a recognizable way with any kind a culmination leaving any recognizable signature.

    And as far as I know Erico Fermi, great genius that he was, did not include this order of magnitude expansion of statistical possibility of no life happening, or of life happening in forms that would not leave signatures we would recognize.

    I have not studied the intersection of the Fermi Paradox and Chaos/Complexity. I am just speculating off the top of my head. I would think some statisticians and scientists since the advent of Chaos/Complexity theories have looked into this intersection and could either quatify what I am suggesting, or expose the errors in it.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  • @approxinfinity

    The bottom line for me is that from somewhere in the late 1980s to early in the 1990s, the bulk of culture crossed a frontier from analog information and process to digitalization of same.

    From that moment on, ANYTHING can be made up at any step of the digitalization of the information in a way that cannot be revealed through the digitized evidence itself.

    I know there are some digital tracks, but none that a well funded hoaxer could not mask.

    I am not saying there is no way to prove anything.

    But I think with really anomalous claims like the sudden irrefutable proof of aliens, one has to try to figure out how it could have been hoaxed, before accepting it.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I think that would accounts for some of the accounts by military people in the show I posted, but it doesn’t explain the Phoenix UFO mass sighting. The aircraft was thousands of feet long, and triangular according to the accounts I think. Faking the physical had greater limitations back then. (that drone swarm at these last Olympics was really something wasn’t it?)

    @HighEliteMajor good read. I’m a fan of explanation 8/9/10 of group 2. I think there are probably aliens and we are unknowingly in their petri dish.

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