Now Ball has went to far

  • Ok now he has done it. - Ball trying to suck top flite players to his Junior Basketball association.

    These are players that want to get away from some of the NCAA restrictions. , - They will make from 3,000 -10,000 a month. However not a lot of interest from players right now - he has asked Tyler Herro, but he pretty much turned him down - -But this ass has extended offers to Quentin Grimes & Devon Dotson - time to form a posse boys - -don’t go messing with the Crimson and Blue - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Alas, this was inevitable.

    Wish it were someone else, but it had to happen.

    And if Ball focused on adidas program players, wow, could that be great for Nike programs, or what?

    I am reminded of an old Bob Dylan song which probably he ripped off from someone or other.

    “He not busy being born/ Is busy dying.”

    Let’s paraphrase and repurpose this, shall we?

    “He not busy shaping the recruiting field/ Is busy being out-recruited.”

  • Maggie com’n fleet foot, face full of black soot, talkin bout the heat put plants in the bed, but the phone’s tapped anyway. Maggie says that many say they must bust in early May, order’s from the DA.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Look out kid/ It’s somethin’ Ya did…

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