Texas A&M Aggies - Saturday - 3:30 pm - ESPN

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  • Billy Clyde Gillespie and Acie Law stop KU’s longest home winning streak.

  • rest graham. get Silvio plenty of work. get doke to the line as much as much as possible. get vick going. let newman run point. meaningless game. get the boys ready for monday.

  • @Blown Show confidence! Let Doke shoot technical free throws!

  • I dont like nor do I want this conference challenge. It doesnt matter but guess its a good scrimmage to work areas, maybe FTs…haha

  • @truehawk93 It would be much better to do it before the conference season starts…then I would like it.

  • I like playing Kentucky. I don’t mind playing Florida. I don’t care about the rest of the SEC. I was really hoping TaM would not lose any games until KU played them as that would look awesome beating a top 5 team like a drum, but they’ve fallen apart in league play.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I really appreciate the work you put in posting opponents’ pictures. I can only speak for myself but I would be OK if you just post the cheerleaders pictures and skip the rest. :smile:

    P.S. …and a few yell leader pics for @Crimsonorblue22 and the other females on the forum, of course. :smiley_cat:

  • @Hawk8086 Yeah, maybe I’m ignorant to the bball conference community. I just think its risky for a team that’s not too deep at key positions, ie. Doke. Its all good, and hope for the best for KU and B12.

  • @truehawk93

    Probably more of nterest now that the teams have records than there would be at the beginning of the season when the potential is not known.

  • @JayHawkFanToo not much into yell leaders

  • A&M is only 3 games worse than us and KU has been quite lucky in some wins. If we had a powerhouse team I would feel differently but I think this game will be quite tough.

  • @BShark huh?

  • Sec!

  • Taking my cute lil gdaughter to her first B.B. game!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Taking my cute lil gdaughter to her first B.B. game!

    Aww. Having lots of fun I bet.

  • @BShark big jay is a big deal

  • Awesome game! Great shot for mitch

  • Just my two cents on the first half… really solid defense today, everybody looking rested and on it. Dok, even no offense Vic is playing hard on D. On offense Mr. 3Svi is feeling it bigtime today. DeSousa doesn’t look lost has a nice block and is moving his feet well. Newman seems more relaxed and is seeing some shots go in. Graham is solid with some great D, some nice long threes (and some poor misses), and good passing, but jeez we’re up by 20, give the guy a breather. Mitch sinks a three at the half buzzer and had some nice D. Not a damn thing to complain about out all. Self very happy talking to Holly and lots of praise for everyone. Giant leads will do that. Now just keep it up second half!

  • @StLJhawk Best defensive effort we have seen out of this team in awhile. Helps that A&M is big/slow though.

  • @BShark Yes, I was thinking both of those things too. Hope they keep it to the point where can let some non-starters get some good minutes.

  • Some thoughts during the comfortable second half… I can’t believe how many rebounds we are getting against a much taller team. But A&M does look tired and slow. Nice to see New-man and Garrett get some points. Still want to see Graham get some rest and someone else taking point, and more minutes for some other guys, but still look good.

  • Well, I was going to ask if it were too much for me to ask if we could win by at least 18. They outplayed us in the 2nd half. But given our recent struggles at home…we’ll take it. Notice that Mitch was in late for Doke?

  • Great first half, lackadaisical second half. Nice to see Garret score, Vick show up again, Newman continue with his solid play, Mitch still solid…but disappointed on how many times Devonte could not finish at the rim; he needs to talk to Mason and get advice on how to finish at the rim and draw the foul.

    P.S. Svi-shhhhhh was great in the first half and Doke had a quiet but solid game.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I noted that too…DG could not finish at the rim…unusual for him.

  • Dg looks sooo very tired!

  • @Hawk8086

    He really is not the rim finisher that Mason is, but then, very few are…:smile:

  • Travis Releford was awesome at making layups, but Frank figured out how to finish through contact early on. That guy was amazing! Mason drove into the defender’s body to put him on his heels and draw the foul. It was science by his Sr. year. DG just doesn’t have the body to take that kind of pounding, but he has done much better at drawing contact. Hopefully Devonte’ can get his legs back under him and that helps him finish at the rim better. (We haven’t seen the cramping issue pop up yet, but fatigue sets in when you don’t get breaks)

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