Free Sosinski

  • Frankly, I’m Ready for Some Sosinski the Last 2 Minutes.

    Doke can take the banging but can’t make FTs.

    Silvio is 6-9 245, but is, as expected, mostly a tentative deer in headlights for awhile. Give him his minutes before crunch time.

    Mitch has some good moments, but at 210 banging length down the stretch may not be his best, most timely use either.

    Sosinski can make FTs and stay on a spot. Any guy that can register 19/12 in juco can zone one end and stay on spot the other for two minutes.

    Free Sosinski!

  • He must be bad

  • Well he is a walk-on so yeah.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    It’s possible he is too bad, but Hunter Mickelson and now Sam Cunlffe have gone into Cryo-ice for reasons that seem elusive.

    Besides, I thought everyone needed a distraction from Billy spec. 😁

  • @jaybate-1.0 Is Sam in the dog house? Bill, give him a minute or two. Run him in on offense—Garrett defense. Let’s form the NOT GIVING UP ON SAM CLUB!

  • @Gunman


  • @Gunman With it clearly being 4 on 5 when Garret is in, why not give sam some mins to see if he can can a jumper? It is clear garret has notheing but bricks to unload 85% of the time.

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