"Some Stickies on Lon Kruger's Monitor Before OU Plays KU in Lawrence"

  • ~Hmmm, we couldn’t beat them in Norman, so why even prepare a game plan for Lawrence?

    ~Self Beat Texas by a bunch and his team only shot 30% from trey. Check job openings outside B12.

    ~Okie Ball, Schmokie Ball, I want some players like Bill has.

    ~Hartman could win with guys like me, but I can’t.

    ~Going to Lawrence. This is going to be a total eclipse of the fun.

    ~Maybe it will snow and the flights will be canceled.

    ~I should have stayed in Silver Lake.

    ~One eye brow, or two, I still can’t beat this guy, when he’s got the next two Number One draft choices on one team!

    ~Consider retirement.

    (Note: all satire. No malice.)

  • @jaybate I can (sometimes) remember Jack Hartman. He got more the most out of his players, for sure. I always wondered what he could do with even better players. I remember listening to the AM radio in my car when KSU played in the Lon Kruger era.

    Recruiting to the Little Apple was/is hard, I think.

  • @Careful you

    Yep, It was a long time ago now. It was said that Hartman hated recruiting so much he just focused on a few good guys and then signed nobodies quickly for the rest, so he could be home with the wife. 😄

  • Hartman was coaching while I was at KU. I was always amazed how he got so much out of his players. I have tons of respect for him-he is easily my favorite Big 8 coach outside of KU coaches.

  • At KSU, Hartman was to basketball what Snyder is to football. He got a few outstanding players and a bunch of role players to perform, as a team, above their individual talent. I have great respect for both.

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