"Some Things to Do with Oklahoma Fans Before the Beat Down of OU in Lawrence"

  • ~Show them the 1988 National Championship Trophy.

    ~Ask them how in the heck their Wikipedia page doesn’t mention former head coaches Bruce Drake, who invented the shuffle offense, and Doyle Parrack, one of the greatest legends of Oklahoma hard scrabble basketball?

    ~Ask them if Alvan Adams ever put on any weight, or lost the dark circles under his eyes?

    ~Tell them how great it was that they had Dave Bliss before he became a poster boy for much that was wrong in coaching, while at SMU.

    ~Tell them how lucky they are to have had a guy named Gar in their hall of fame.

    ~Ask them if Billy Tubbs was fired, because he distracted them from football, or was it that he was too high brow?

    ~Mention that Kelvin Sampson just called.

    ~Note in passing that probably no one but Jeff Capel III could have botched having Blake Griffin.

    ~Mention that if OU were to win in Lawrence, KU would only lead the series in Lawrence 69-17.

    ~Remind them that Lon Kruger aka “The Wandering Gentile,” has left almost as many places for greener pastures as has Larry Brown.

    (Note: just a bunch of satire. No malice.)

  • When the son of a bootlegger was coaching football and so many of the team members had been incarcerated that year, the story was that the State of Kansas had 4 major university sites. the “Shockers” in Wichita, the “Jayhawks” in Lawrence, the “Wildcats” in Manhattan and the “Sooners” in Leavenworth.

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