• Man , oh Man. There is jus no way around his. - -This league is just a absolute war every time out. - Just look , I mean - -KU somehow manages to win at home by one today. Would of been a 2nd league loss at home this year, how long has it been since something like that.

    So we at home by one. - - - -Texas Tech wins by one at home over West Virginia, & TCU takes Oklahoma to overtime and loses by five. just Brutal.

    I mean when you have a team that is 1-4 in the league TCU and their four losses are by a total of 11 points. - three of their losses by a combined total of 6 points even though yes they have lost 4 league games - -they are no joke. - -they have played 3 OT games already one of those double overtime.

    There are NO give me’s anymore, this league not any game where you feel well there is a win - not anymore. - - you better win your home games , this thing is going to be crazy all year. - Ya we are going to lose teams out the top 25 - cause we are beating the hell out of one another - I really feel for once this league is legit. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    Yea but if the Big 12 doesn’t do well in the tournament? They will be called a weak conference.

  • DoubleDD said:

    Yea but if the Big 12 doesn’t do well in the tournament? They will be called a weak conference.

    If? lol

  • Like I said every game is a war. - just check the scores today: - - KU 73 - -KSU 72 , - - Okla St 65 - Texas 64 - - Oklahoma - 102 - TCU 97 OT - - Texas Tech 72 - -WV - -71 - -Iowa St 75 Baylor 65.

    Three ONE point contest - -a OT game and then ehhhh Iowa St - just a war - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • 5 games today, 3 won by a mere 1 point. Easily the most evenly matched league in CBB. I’ll wait til March before I’ll say its great.

  • It’s just the true measure. Like it or not. Beat the hell out of each other all conference season and yes it’s exciting and I hope it makes us appreciate the streak that much more. Particularly if we’re able to extend it. But nobody outside the conference will care or remember without March success. March success is the measuring stick. And why shouldn’t it be? We hang banners in the Phog that say National Champion.

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