Changes for the pack

  • Major changes for my boys. - -lots of change , BUT not the change I would of thought. – Green Bay cleaning house - -in the front office personell. & coaches. - -New DC coordinator - - -Mike Pettine has been a head Coach and previous DC coordinator with the Jets, - - Bills, & Ravens his defense with the Jets from 2009-12 was 1st - - 3rd - - & 8th - - with the Bills was 10th in the league - -has never had a defense outside the top 10… big get there for the pack.

    New OC Joe Philbine - -was Coaching the Miami Dolphins has been with the Packers before. - -New QB Coach Frank Cignetti – been with the Giants the last two years. Then new Receivers Coach Jim Hostler - been with the Colts - -lots of changes - -Then we have a New GM - - Brian Gutekurnt - - saying going to be a lot more aggressive in free agency.

    Big question mark and I hope to hell they get it done - -but huge question as to whether Clay Matthews will be let go - or if he will be willing to re structure his contract because of salary cap - I don’t understand how all that works - but he is at 11 million, the possibilities of re- structure OR possible letting him go - I hope he is back for sure, going to be a new defense - If we can get our defense improved - to go with the offense we have with Aaron - -going to lots of good times. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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