batetradamus Predicts...

  • Following are some of batetradamus’ “Cant Miss Predictions” for 2018…

    Some day there will be news about Preston and Da Sousa.

    The future is ahead.

    KU will either win a 14th consecutive conference title, or it will fail trying to do so.

    It will be found that in the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth, or a simulation of them.

    Truth will never be uttered by mainstream media, except by accident.

    The climate will cease to be engineered with directed energy and chemtrails at the same time the powers that be admit to having engineered the climate.

    Feeding the post the last five minutes of a game will become a facet of KU’s offense, when Udoka Azubuike is able to make 60% of his free throws.

    The Weave will be disliked by some KU fans for as long as Bill Self uses it, but not a single win enabled by the Weave will be declined by KU fans.

    Bruce Weber will remain interim head coach of KSU until he is fired.

    Trae Young will be outplayed twice by Devonte Graham and still be selected first string All Big 12 point guard.

    Identity politics will never resolve the question of who we are.

    The Big Jayhawk on the floor of James Naismith Court will never be found to be a listening device put there by interdimensional aliens.

    Zones will become Bill Self’s preferred form of defense, when the moon is fully irrigated and used for growing organic quinoa.

    More solar eclipses will occur and be absurdly over covered.

    President Trump will leave office one way, or another, some day and be replaced by someone.

    Someone on KU will get double digit rebounds once more this season, or more likely they will not.

    The Deep State will always oppose any candidate it did not support and deny both its opposition and that it supported another candidate.

    Oprah will be named the first Presidential candidate of a newly formed Victim’s Party, but the party will become the victim of a mass mind control illusion and no one will ever know it.

    Poppy fields will always be defended by one military force, or another, of one country, or another, for one cartel, or another.

    There will be no peace regarding any natural resource worth stealing.

    New weapons will never defend us as they were supposed to do, but they will always kill far more of us than anyone imagined before their application.

    Anything can and will be used against us, if we advocate for representative government.

    Official inquiries into anything will always publish findings consistent with those in power.

    KU will win the March Carney but MK-Ultra mass mind control may prevent our awareness of it.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0 You are digging your #11s so deep into Oklahoma red dirt that it will take a backhoe to extricate your tired bones. I said that I would never warn you again, but here goes: TRAE YOUNG IS THE REAL DEAL! Get a grip.

  • @REHawk

    Limb time.

    Devonte +help takes Trae DOWN!!!


  • @jaybate-1.0 I won’t argue with your prediction. Bill the Merlin of Lawrence will undoubtedly set loose some Jayhawk Magic.

  • …but that wizz kid Young is bound to get his.

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