Imagine Possible Preston-De Sousa Possibilities

  • Best Case—Both clear now, start, and KU runs the table and wins ring.

    Worst Case—Neither clears, neither stays at KU, Doke gets back Operation and never plays another game, Malik plays less and less, Vick has leg operation, Devonte loses pop, Svi gets wilder, Garrett never makes a trey, Clay Young becomes starter, Self infarcts.

    Probable Case—unforecastable future involving unforeseen events growing out of emerging complexity.

    Recommended Strategy: play hard, eat well, Love well, take no wooden nickels, forget the doubters, win at home, steal wins on the road, make jokes about The Farmers, issue Kevlar for Morgantown.

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Garrett never makes a trey”

    Thought these were forecasts, not actual facts.