The Real Deal

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    Ok so we got to see Mahomes strap it up when it counted.

    No td’s but Kid looked comfortable out there, and man does that kid have an arm. Holy Cow does that kid have an arm. He can get that ball out so quick, that now I know why WR’s screens can work.

    I would’ve of loved to have seen what he could’ve done with some real offense fire power today.

    Chiefs future looking real bright.

    Here’s hoping steady Alex can go out with a bang. He deserves it. However pretty sure Alex’s stint at KC is coming to an end? Maybe a superpower victory could change that?

    Will see.

  • @DoubleDD more fun to watch today than I expected.

  • The talent is there, and he is also just a little bit crazy. I like him.

  • @BShark With that throwing arm, if he is crazy enough he should become very successful at this brutal sport. He certainly spent enough time on his back today to get a feel for what his future will be all about.

  • @REHawk sounds like he could have played anything he wanted

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