A well deserved new moniker for Mitch?

  • Admittedly, I have been having fun, at Mitch Lightfoot’s expense, referring to him as ‘Lightfeet…our 6’8" 115 lb. vunder kine.’ Or maybe that should have been spelled VUNDERKIN? Anyway, now that someone has pointed out that Mitch is well ensconced as a top 10 shot blocker in the Big 12 (I just now checked, and he has blocked more shots than our resident giant Doke; and he is 2 blocks shy of tying for 3rd best in the league), I am inclined to take our lanky sophomore’s efforts much more seriously. And to pay him his just and reasonable due. So, I propose that henceforth we posters begin referring to him as BIG MITCH LIGHTFOOT. Or BIGGIE, if you should prefer. BIG MITCH. Or maybe just BIG. Normally, I spend more waking hours admiring or critiquing the fine array of Bill Self’s current brood of guards and small forwards, the lightning quick assassins who light up scoreboards and stat sheets. But, SHAZAM!, I now find Big Mitch to be deserving of his own statistical followings. So…

  • Lightfoot’s PER is 15 same as Newman, and Garrett.

    Svi comes in at 19 PER.

    Graham and Vick are at 25 PER.

    Azubuike’s 33 PER is 10th in the nation.

    15 is the average college player. Statistically Lightfoot is an average college player. We are so spoiled when we have to watch average play (Newman, Lightfoot) we freak out about them not being any good. What a problem to have!

  • @REHawk are you still drinking eggnog?

  • Because of his shot blocking prowess, how about “Mitch slap” an obvious play of words with the other word that starts with a “b” that seems fitting.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    He’s been MITCH SLAPPED!

  • wrwlumpy said:


    He’s been MITCH SLAPPED!

    I like that , hey you ever been Mitch Slapped lol? - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @dylans The PER info is excellent … but it is important for all of us to remember that Mitch is a good college player, as you mention (average is pretty good). But he’s not necessarily “good” or average at KU, meaning relatively speaking. The point I’ve tried to emphasize is “at KU”, vs. some other lesser school (like a New Mexico St.). To be a blue blood and compete for a national title, his role right now is not preferred. It is very interesting that Mitch has pushed himself into that 15 range. It’s not so good that a starter is in that range.

    And I love Mitch Slapped. That is awesome.