Liuk Skhaiwalker

  • I had older siblings, and I went to college when I was 17. Was always younger than my classmates, and I felt it; always there. While I was confident, I was willing to defer to my elders, which happened to be most of the kids around me most of my youth.

    Svi is 20 now, right? Still younger than many of the guys that are his peers. When Svi’s subconscious weighs his social status, it may find him to be his peers’ equal, without attempting to be their superior.

    Last night Svi’s autonomic basketball superiority kicked in. The sweet stroke that had the Spurs organization salivating took over in a moment that might have caused Svi to freak out if he had thought about it. He didn’t think about it. He elevated, released and stuck a shank in 15,500 Pinnacle Bank Arena dreamers that thought they were watching a Nebraska W.

    I hope that as a basketball player he realizes that he’s neither young nor old. He’s just a smart player and a great teammate with a finely tuned trey cannon that can be fired accurately at will to the lament of 15,5.

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