Beyond The Streak

  • recently got a copy of Jason Kings new book Beyond the Streak. there is a lot of insight to the players and program over the last 14 years. it’s been entertaining and informative on a few levels. just thought id share that for any of you who were not aware.

  • @Blown

    Thx. I will look for the book earnestly because of the importance of its being. I am wilde about King. And I hope it is made into a film that wins a best picture Oscar for director Dorian Gray.

  • @Blown Would you say worth buying, or should I just check it out at the library?

  • @Fightsongwriter i enjoy collecting all things KU so for me it was a purchase. at $30, it’s a steep price just for a read. also, I picked it up at a book signing at Rally House, so there are likely less expensive venues soon. (used)

  • It has also been fun as it is reminding me of some of my own life experiences and bringing back good memories: Watching the “Durant Show” from the last seat in the house in March 2007. Being able to see the Iowa St. Vs Kansas game at bar on a beach in Ixtapa in 2005 (that was the only game I was able to watch in 2005).

    Here is an excerpt that I read a few times because I enjoyed the imagery:

    "Jeremy Case: that summer it was all about getting better against each other. I think we were going so hard against each other that it caused a little tension. There were a lot of arguments, a lot of fights. The most memorable one was with Russ and Darnell.

    Sherron Collins: We were playing pickup and Darnell and Russ were arguing about recruiting rankings. They were going back and forth about who was rated higher coming out of high school. It was getting heated, then D-Block started making fun of Russ. He said he wasn’t a true New Yorker, that he was from the suburbs. That pissed Russ off.

    Jeremy Case: Russ found a line on the court and told Darnell, “C’mon…cross the line right here. I dare you to cross it.” So Darnell crossed the line and swung at Russ. He missed, and then Russ swung back and caught him right in the jaw. Darnell stumbled back a little and then we broke it up. I think Russ got the best of him.

    Tyrell Reed: Darnell didn’t go to the floor, but Russ definitely staggered him. Russ started running around (celebrating) and pickup was done."

    Beyond the Streak: Untold Stories from Kansas Basketball’s Unrivaled Big 12 Reign, Jason King.

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