That sucked

  • Well I guess we won’t go unbeaten in 2018, it’s not the end of the world. We missed Frank Mason badly tonight. I guess I don’t understand why we just stood on offense, Syracuse was lazy on their zone, they laid back for open shooters. Washington did not of course, I really didn’t see a ton changes in what we ran. Pretty much asked Vick to be prefect (he was decent missed some close ones but most were contested). I feel like we were out coached in this friends. I guess we don’t have a soul on this team that can drive it to force the defense to rotate outta position. Our guards have to be able to get around their man 1 on 1 and we flat out can’t. Drive and kick for open shots.

    Billy Preston could help this team a ton, he can hit that soft jump or drive in like Vick except he is 6 inches taller and Longer. I’ve mentioned it before about how we seem to live bye the 3 and it finally cost us after lighting it up after the UK game. Hopefully Sam is able to drive the basketball.

    This team could win the NC if they get hot in their current state but also lose in the first weekend if the ball isn’t going in. Washington played better than they are and we played worse. Idk what’s with the sprint center all the sudden but that’s Ls in 3 of 4 there and as much as we play there it’s pretty disappointing. Doke had 10 and 9 spending most of the first half on the bench and Vick had 28, 7 assists and 5 boards. Everyone else sucked tonight, Graham needs to put the ball on the floor. Their guards looked 10 times as athletic as our tonight.

  • @kjayhawks our D stunk too! Not gonna win many games w/6’3" center young. They did what Cuse didn’t.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes, rebounding wasn’t great ether, they had 2 big 3s when it was close off of offensive rebounds. They also shot better from distance than they normal do. This years team will end up like last years defensively, must out score to win. Stomping typewriter maintenance league teams to make our d look good so far.

  • Preston and Desousa would provide big time relief for this current bunch in all facets. They don’t have what it takes to win a grind out half court game while playing small.

  • A lot of us were saying that it was good that we could get used to the zone prior to playing Wash…appeared to be just the opposite. Hopkins did a good job of watching what we did against Syracuse and limiting the 3s and the lobs to Doke. He gave us one shot, in the middle and forced Vick to beat us. Have to give Hopkins credit for the strategy and his team for carrying it out.

  • @kjayhawks there hasn’t been a single moment of the season so far that suggested to me this team would go undefeated. I’m not worried about that. That’s a really tough thing to do even for unbelievably great team. This team is more like a work in progress. They have won some games big. But idk if they’ve won a big game. Possibly UK. Depends on how you view UK at that point of the season I guess. Missing pieces that we need and there’s uncertainty that we will ever get them and absolutely uncertainty as to whether any of those pieces including BP will be effective even if we do. Still early. Many things can happen. I think many things are gonna have to happen before we start ranking this team as a favorite or a contender. Which is okay too. We all know the deal. 7 deep and 1.5 bigs ish… There’s still hope.

  • I don’t know, but this test for Desousa looks like we’re not going to see him til next year. And even if he comes, he’s never even practiced with the team, he going to be able to help?

  • @wissox

    At this time the best option is Preston…or Susinsky suddenly becoming the second coming of Chucky Cheese.

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