Ode: Intimations on Bigs

  • (Note: what follows is all fiction. No malice. As Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part!)

    DeSousa: has to take some Ritalin to get his scores up (just kidding, but the research is in, if one still dare trust grant biased, er, funded research without grants for repeating the experiments by other teams!). I have his nickname fully baked: Dr. de Zeussa!

    Sosinski: we need his consonants! Heck, let him wear a horse collar as a psy-op! The guy can at least fill 3 minutes each half, so Self can bench chew, er, coach Lightfoot and/or give Doke a blow against a wide body.

    Billy Preston: his media disappearance appears near TOTAL!!

    Kling-On cloaking level stuff.

    Just a few chimeric references.

    An occasional wavering desert mirage allusion.

    Transporter dematerialization temporarily lost in space?

    He’s as hard to find anything about, as the shooter on the railroad overpass in Dealy Plaza (don’t even start with the crumbling Las Vegas story). He’s as hard to get clarification on as who the real “George Bush” was that J. Edgar Hoover’s reputedly declassified memo reputedly mentioned as a CIA asset posing as a Houston Texas oil man and clumsily being arrested outside the Dal-Tex building shortly after the assassination. Are we soon to be given a Warren Basketball Commission report so full of holes that any one that asks WTF gets memed a “conspiracy theorist!” for 60+ years, as per The Company’s reputed former policy?


    Do we need Jim Garrison 2.0 to come forward and get “on the trail of the car buyers”?

    It’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, man! Don’t you get it? The free masons don’t even remember the recitation from the 18th Century that Churchill cribbed for a radio speech and that Stone cribbed for Dannie Ferrie to say in JFK.

    Has Wichita-an D-CIA Pompeo stepped in virtually here between bouts of trying to learn hydrological re-engineering of the DC Okeefenokee on KU’s behalf, or what?

    The kids a basketball player, unless we’ve been fed photo shopped pics putting some one else’s head on a 5-star’s body and gotten the shadows wrong!

    Either he is eligible, or he isn’t, right?

    We are not talking quantum phenomena here. This is basketball. Why can’t the guy lace’em up and play in a game? When Joe Citizen gets pulled over, they run the tags, registration and DL and boom! They know the score in a second.

    It doesn’t depend on the observer and timing of observation, does it? We are not talking quantum level, superluminal transmission of fact checking from distant parts of a folding, or unfolding space-time legal basketball universe, right??

    Tell us about Preston and his wheels. Why is he being investigated for ownership of a 🚗 for this long? Why is it taking so long to investigate? What black, vibrating monolith with a bas relief of a car on it is vibrating on a crater on the moon that requires Dr. Heywood Floyd to go there under cover to inquire into its connection to KU basketball.

    Dave? Dave?

    Open the pod bay door, Hal.

    I’m afraid I can’t do that Dave.

    Does this go all the way to our coaching staff?

    This appearance is looking increasingly like a space odyssey.

    Daisy, daisy, give me your answer pleeee…

  • @jaybate-1.0 We could get Granny to ring the vittles bell. Possum stew could shake him out of the bushes…



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