6? 6 Gawddang assist is all we got?

  • OK I cleaned up the Harry Doyle quote and changed the number, but really?

    64 points and only 6 assist? 6 assist for the whole team!!!

    That means to me that players were not passing the ball, they were not playing as a team, they let the ball stick in their hands.


  • @JRyman half time message was drive the ball. This team has never been selfish!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I know they have never been selfish, Tharpe has 12 assist a while back. They are good at sharing, this team should get 6 in the first half with the scores and shooters.

    And if not we should have a lot more offensive rebounds or trips to the line.

    I like this team a lot, so many weapons, so many options. But gotta share the ball and good things happen.

  • Tharpe was awful, but his assist to Selden for the 3 was lightning quick leaving him wide open.

  • @JRyman

    There are no assists when you penetrate and they did plenty of that, and they did have plenty of trips to the line as well where they made 22 of 30; in comparison TTU made 9 of 14. KU had 16 fouls and TTU had 21, most of KU’s fouls were of the non shooting variety while most of TTU were shooting fouls committed when KU penetrated. Even though TTU had only 5 more fouls, KU had 16 more attempts.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They’re not selfish, but they sometimes take poor shots that would have resulted in assists had they made another pass or two.

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