Incoming possible commits

  • Well looking at the recruiting for next year - these early verbal’s we got from the Louisiana kids - -as of this point at least they still committed.

    Pookie Williams & Colonie Harris both going to commit early on the 20th of December. - they both saying they going to commit on the same day - -Neither have I seen anything about reading anywhere where they have de-commited from KU - Plus being said at this point Devonta still committed to KU. - -That doesn’t mean that come December 20th these guys don’t commit somewhere else - but they haven’t said different at this time.

    Also one of the top in committed safeties out of Texas took an un-official and is coming back for his official on the 8th of December , said he likes Coach Beaty loves the facilities and mentions he likes that they are upgrading the facilities - -he knows he says Coach Beaty came into a really bad situation -likes the staff - we will see how these turn out - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The question isn’t can we get recruits, but at this point can Beaty and company keep them committed? Also, what recruits we get, can they compete in the B12? Can they compete against the OU 4-5 star talent? Recruiting talent is the problem. If we keep this losing record year after year, we can’t even keep 3-star recruits. How ugly can this get before it gets better? I’d say this year is pretty much as ugly as it can possibly get, please stop the bleeding.