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  • Kansas’s chancellor Douglass Girod has spoke up in support of the AD and coach Beaty. A move that I believe had to be done if no plans of firing him this season existed and no surprising that he wouldn’t want to hire a new AD this soon in his tenure. It’s important for the few recruits that we currently have. With just 6 seniors on the roster this year next year shapes up to be the most experienced team we have had since 08 or 09 and if you were going to replace Beaty in the next few years you’d do it now with that high amount of guys slated to return. Beaty likely is given 2 more years because the next class to graduate has over 20 players in it and no one would want to set up the next coach to fail. The question now becomes does Beaty continue to recruit high school kids or will he cave and take the Weis approach and load up on the JC guys in hopes to have a few good years to keep his job longer. I personally think he is fired after the first 4 games in 2019 with a record of 5-47 and goes down as maybe the worst coach in major college history. To put that in perspective MM had 48 loses in 8 years. Here’s a link to Girods comments:

  • @kjayhawks

    There appears something much deeper than Coach Beatty, or Zenger, triggering KU’s problems.

    Coach Self just entered the Hall of Fame. He is widely recognized as one of the four greatest coaches in the game today. He has won a ring, finished second, been to several Elite Eights, and won 84% of his games at KU. He has won 13 or so consecutive conference titles. But Coach Self is having trouble keeping his roster full. He only has three big men on the roster and one of them, Lightfoot, is a marginal talent and transfer, while the other, Azuibuke, was signed as a project. Worse, several of the players coming in next season are transfers. It is ludicrous what is happening to Coach Self’s recruiting.

    Coach Beatty came into a stark rebuilding situation, started recruiting okay, and now has seen the bottom fall out of his recruiting. Coach Beatty may, or may not be a great coach, but there has never been any dispute that he could recruit Texas. And the weakness of the University of Texas should be making his job of recruiting Texas easier, not harder. Coach Beatty could even recruit to College Station, Texas.

    IMHO, there appears no more reason to infer that Coach Beatty is responsible for his recruiting woes than that Coach Self is responsible for his.

    Something else appears a-foot, so to speak.

    And anyone that recalls the recent FBI arrest of the adidas official and the 4 assistant basketball coaches, followed by the apparent complete lack of further arrests, or apparent lack of further coverage of the issues on which the arrests were based, has at least one possible inkling of what that something a-foot might be.

    But, as with the reputed large number of sealed indictments in Washington coincident with Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigations, we will just have to wait to find out what is really going on.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Lightfoot isn’t a transfer for starters and Self has signed Dotson,De Sousa and McCormick already for next years class all not transfers. Garrett and Preston were both 5 stars guys, you also have to recruit these transfers. Malik Newman was highly sot after and probably could’ve picked about any school in the land to transfer too. I honestly expected ct to read all fiction no malice at the end of your post. Nike and Underarmor had plenty to do with the FBIs findings themselves, they are a land slide from being in the clear.

  • @kjayhawks

    For starters, let’s clear up Lightfoot. He is a second tier talent that would not be signed at Duke, UNC, Kentucky, or UCLA. Period. Self was barrel scraping with Lightfoot; that is readily apparent. And now Self has to rely on Lightfoot as his first reserve, after an gimpy transfer left.

    For a chaser, Self can’t sign a full roster of D1 recruits without resorting to transfers, de-commits and projects. He hasn’t been able to for awhile either.

    Since taking the adidas checks, Self has always gotten a few highly ranked talents; that is NOT the point. Its comic that you sight a few good players, which is what you apparently get for agreeing to clip coupons with adidas, and then imply recruiting transfers is tough! Howling! Of course its tough. Because he can’t sign 5-star freshman he is out their trolling with all the other majors recruiting transfers. I mean listen to yourself.

    I don’t know why board rats are having trouble facing this issue.

    Why is it so scary to admit that he is struggling mightily with recruiting, even AFTER the FBI arrests an adidas official and four assistant coaches at different schools for engaging in bribing players to go to schools?

    Why would one still assume that petroshoeco influence is some how magically limited to college basketball?

    How exactly did Beatty lose the ability to recruit?

    What exactly is it about Beatty walking into a recruit’s house and saying, “I’m rebuilding KU from the ground up. I can guaranty you will start, or be second string, your first season and start the rest of your career, if you simply play to your potential.” How does that lead to recruits saying no?

    KU football recruiting appears caught up in a big, black river of recruiting with something below the surface shaping unexpected outcomes.

    Beatty should be able to sign as many players as he wants. They may not be as good as the guys signing at more established programs, but there should not be any shortage of guys to sign.

    Now in Self’s case, he should be having to beat 5-star freshman recruits away from the field house with a stick instead of having to sign transfers, de-commits and projects. Self and KU are proven commodities in college basketball. He is in the prime of his coaching career. Pitino was just driven out of the game. Roy has been under the black cloud of Easy Gate. Coach K is geriatric. Cal has proven he really can’t win big unless he has twice as much talent as opposing coaches. Izzo is the only real credible alternative to Self. Self and Izzo practically have the field to themselves right now.

    But Self is enduring the third, or fourth year of having big holes in his roster.

    Let’s put it this way. Bill Self at the peak of his career had to start Jamari Traylor for two seasons. Give me a flipping break!!!

    And the stars Self DOES sign, like Cliff Alexander and Diallo? These guys are damaged goods even before they get there.

    Self and Beatty do NOT appear to be recruiting on a level playing field.

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