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  • Memorial stadium will likely be full of purple Saturday as the grapes head into town to face off against the Jayhawks at 2 pm on FS1. Please, please if you are able to make it, do so. I hate seeing our stadium full of awful colors. It’s safe to say neither team has had the season most fans thought they would at this point. Kansas was thought to have 3 maybe 4 wins if they were lucky to this point. Kansas state was a preseason top 20 club, climbing to #17 in week 3 only to lose 3 in a row and 4 of their last 5 since playing someone decent. I know this was a game a circled early in the preseason as we lost bye 2 touchdowns in Manhattan a year ago and return the same amount of guys. Obviously we have seen how that has worked out the last few weeks in a similar scenario. Beaty is no doubt coaching for his job these next two weeks. Starting center Mesa Ribordy must return for us to have any chance. We were running the ball effectively before he went down and the line has been outta sorts to put it nicely since. Carter Stanley should get the start at QB. I kinda changed my stance on this since last week but after watching him be able to avoid some pressure against TCU he’s my guy this week, that and maybe just maybe it gives the offense a spark. It’s unknown as to who will start at QB for KSU with Ertz being out the last two weeks. If im KU,and Ribordy is back I’m making them stop a heavy dose of Herbert. They have looked suspect against the run the last few weeks and with a healthy line that’s our strength. They most likely will do the same which means, Bowen if you read this, a guy has to assigned to the QB every snap! Daniel Wise got fired up after TCU about the level of playing going on. Hopefully that means we don’t spot the opposite team 3 scores in less than half of a quarter which seems to be the normal here lately. I’m looking for some heart and pride Saturday. I really would like to think we could make a game of it but we all know the Fizzou grad Snyder puts a ton of work and hatred into this game. That coupled with 3 straight losses means this game wont be close for long. KSU 56 KU 10. At least with State in town our attendance will probably be more than the last 2 years high of 32K and some change.

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  • @BShark hard to predict any different unfortunately. I keep telling myself maybe we can get them down a little early and get them to play tight knowing it’s a must win for their bowl hopes. But I’m just can’t quite talk myself into it.

  • Beaty needs to get the team to execute and compete this week. They haven’t competed the last two games. Getting beat is one thing - failing to compete is embarrassing.

  • Good Morning everyone. Sooo who is up for a good ol cup of misery today? - - Any takers the game will be under 35 pts, - - - -K-State fans outnumber KU fans 3-1 - - & chances of us getting 200 yds of offense? - - - - Will we score? - - were at 9 quarters right now and rolling. -Will Bender be THE QB for the entire 4 quarters? - - Will we continue to be the horse’s ass for ESPN. - -Just some random thoughts on this brisk early Saturday morning - -Anybody really wanna Challenge any of these questions? –

    At least would make for some passing of the day - -Till Basketball gets here, which is - -now only 3 days away – Thank GOD.

    Seriously I love KU football, I just as everyone else just wish that something positive would happen for this program. - -Coach Beaty seems to be like a really nice guy, - -I was fired up when he was hired , I’'ve stuck with him - - but it’s kind of hard when you see what we are putting on the field and what the production we have gotten.

    So what’s the answer? - -So many flaws right now , I truly think we have taken a step backwards as hard as that may be to believe. - -After having some more time to try and rationalize instead during the heat of the moment when we just got blasted - -again , had our collective butt’s handed to us on a platter - -given time to step back and collect my thoughts. - -I really think our main issues boil down to two things - -again our MAIN issues - -we still have lot’s of other but the MAIN issues. - -The MAIN - - MAIN issue I think, - -the O-Line

    I know if you have seen some/most of my other posts you know I am not a Bender lover by any means - -still not - -won’t be BUT it boils down to if you can’t block for your running backs , open holes - - if you can’t pass protect give the QB time where he is running for his life 3/4 of the game - -which Bender can’t run - -Bender can’t sludge- -but if you can’t protect the QB doesn’t matter who you got - you could have Brady - - Rogers - -whoever wouldn’t matter, - -until that gets fixed were screwed.

    Our other MAIN problem I think is and this was suppose to be one or our few strengths on this team - - it’s our D-Line - - where is our D-Line? -How many TFL’S do we have? -How many QB sacks do we have? - -our defensive line is non exsistent. - -I understand some, - -D Armstrong is getting doubled almost all the time - -where is the rest of the line? - -This was suppose to be one of the better D-Lines in the conference. - -How many fumbles have we forced?

    We knew our secondary was going to be a major weakness and it is - but part of that is because if a QB any QB is given the amount of time the opposing QB’S are getting - -they gonna tear any secondary apart - -you can only cover for so long before someone gonna break free. - -How many INT’S do we have? -At some point you think it’s got to come down to a matter of pride for these kids - -do they have any? - -Aren’t they as a team getting a little tired of these types of games - -tired of being the laughing stock of College football? Some thing has got to change - -I’m just not sure where to start.

    The easy answer is fire Coach - - -AGAIN - -that’s not the answer, we just can’t continually fire Coaches every two-three years, your never going to get any kind of consistency with that approach. - -Makes it harder to recruit players not even knowing if the one they got recruited by going to be there for their four years or not. - -blows up ANY kind of team chemistry we actually might have. - I will say this though - -maybe we need to fire for a change the entire Defensive side of the ball - -all of them clean slate. - - it’s always the head Coach and some defensive get retained - I don’t see any on the defensive that SHOULD BE retained. - -I like Clint but Damn he is terrible I don’t know - -I just don’t know. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 0_1509211214906_IMG_3146.JPG

    I guess the go fund me page worked. Bad look! As much as I want him gone, not the way to go.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 are you at the game?

  • Too many good games on TV for me!

  • I could’ve ran that one in!💃

  • Wow Stanley had a walkin TD if he runs there.

  • 😡🤢🏉🕳

  • @kjayhawks should be 7 up

  • Don’t kick it to him again poor poor poor coaching

  • @kjayhawks is our starting center back?

  • Have to get touchdowns guys!!

  • Mike lee! Nice try ksu!

  • I’m getting a lil excited!

  • What is happening I do not understand.

  • Ben Johnson! Nice ups, he’s the back up post we need

  • Nice cover

  • Huge drop bye Sims

  • Another huge drop bye Sims.

  • That’s game a sack and a 30 yard punt. SMH

  • Delton has a concussion. Despicable from KSU coaches if he comes back in…

  • Solid half, just feel like we should be up. I like the idea of throwing it up there at the half

  • BShark said:

    Delton has a concussion. Despicable from KSU coaches if he comes back in…

    not sure if he has a concussion does he? - -If he does then ya can’t/shouldn’t be playing

  • well this is at least ONE game this year we can say we wee still in at the half. - -watch for half time adjustments. - - KSU - -no offensive TD’s just a KO return - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • jayballer54 said:

    BShark said:

    Delton has a concussion. Despicable from KSU coaches if he comes back in…

    not sure if he has a concussion does he? - -If he does then ya can’t/shouldn’t be playing

    He did not know where he was after that big hit.

  • @BShark Ya but I think he is ok - -he was on the phone on the sideline talking to the Coaches I bet he is in the 2nd half. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 KSU has a long history of letting QBs with concussions play.

  • Well my apologies looks like they are now doing the RIGHT THING. Skylar Thompson is in.

  • That’s all folks better score every time we touch it now.

  • And so, the self destruction begins…

  • My goodness just go for it our punter sucks as does our coverage.

  • Forgot how to tackle at half time

  • Catch🏉

  • KU has more yards and first downs than KSU just can’t finish drives, 5 times we’ve had the ball in KSU territory with 6 points.

  • Need 6 here and stop to stay alive. Darn it’s so frustrating because we should up in this game but everyone thought it was gonna be a beat down

  • kjayhawks said:

    Need 6 here and stop to stay alive. Darn it’s so frustrating because we should up in this game but everyone thought it was gonna be a beat down


  • 🌾🌾🌾

  • Hard hat and sledge hammer

  • Dineen has to make that tackle vs freshman QB

  • kjayhawks said:

    Dineen has to make that tackle vs freshman QB

    Completely agree. Still forced a punt at least.

  • Personal foul blocking outta bounds? Have never heard that call in my life, do they realize that a player can come back in and make the tackle right?

  • Special teams is a trainwreck. If they were mildly competent maybe KU is ahead…

  • Does KU have the worst punter in d1?

  • Sims had that ball in his chest with both hands on it gotta catch it.

  • Sims or Pringle who has worse hands? lol

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