Now that KU fell off the wagon and has become an MU TRAFFICKER again

  • Some things from the bad old days have be revived.

    Now understand: I was against resuming human contact with Columbia, but here we are with contact resumed, because of a bunch of money grubbers that really care less about helping the flood victims in the short term (which could easily could have been done without human contact with Columbia) than wrapping surgical tubing on their “Hit Me” tattooed arms and free basing a degeneracy fix.

    So: here goes the online neighborhood:

    1.) We have to resume using “fuck” in posts, so the Fizzourans will understand us.

    2.) We have to devote a full week of posting each season educating new young KU fans about why all the Missouri fans look like each other, are related to their spouses, and have mutations.

    3.) We have to counsel KU fans that sit near the Antlers how to gracefully accept being assaulted and vomited on after whiskey bottles are thrown at them.

    4.) We have fund a huge increase in all insurance premiums on Coaches and players playing at Columbia.

    5.) We have to buy Coach Self new suits tailored that allow him to concealed-carry a Colt 1911 with two clips of hollow nose rounds for games in Columbia.

    6.) We have to budget to infiltrate (and exfiltrate) jaybate 1.0-operatives into Columbia each game eve to blow up the columns with thermite, plastique and Double Bubble chewing gum.

    7.) we have to buy a new fleet of armored personnel carriers to make the trip to Columbia.

    (All fiction. No malice.)

  • Banned


    Nailed it. Yet you missed one.

    Sleeping with crack heads brings on diseases that don’t wash away.

    Sorry that was rude. I mean we have to show respect to the renewed rivalry. We have to bend over and kiss that MU arse. Because it’s good to have a rivalry.

    Doesn’t this just feel good? Well now I must go take a shower with lye soap

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