KU Internal revue

  • just read where the NCAA has asked KU to do an internal review of the men’s basketball program. - - But the article says the NCAA is asking all schools to do an internal review do to the recent going on’s

    Also asking that we look at the Conduct of the men’s basketball Coaching staff and Administrators .

    I don’t care if they are asking all schools to do this - I’m just worried about one - - -KU. - I don’t know this thing to me is starting to worry me some. - Just seems KU the upper up’s are just letting out things to progress a little more all the time - -I sur the hell hope We haven’t got screwed around bty Adidas some how - -that would kill us. . - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Every single school.

    Zenger said KU will be fine, lol.

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