• On the tote board today, I have about 65 different lineups going on Draft Kings. i play the dinky amounts (.10/.25/1.00), and normally cash small amounts. Today I like the following players:

    Brady, Brees, McCown, Rivers, Palmer, and Watson at QB My rbs this week are: Duke Johnson, McKinnon, Melvy Gordon, Ellington, and Gurley. Hunt is priced too high ( 8K ) for my tastes.

    My wrs are Hilton, Pryor, Crabtree, Keenan, Fitz, kearse facing that NE swiss cheese defense, I have Hill in several lineups, and my blue light special is that kid Lewis with the NYG.

    TE has been a tough slog this week, as Gronk and Kelce cost a boatload, and although Reed finally looks healthy, the presence of Vernon Davis in that Washington offense in those two tight end sets are giving me lots of pause. I had wheeled Jordan Reed in practically every lineup, then I backed away. I’m investing some shares in Jenkins, Kelce, Gronk, Fells, and even Fleener off New Orlean’s bye week. That might be, once again, the black hole of Fantasy football this week.

    Team defenses are all over the place, but I like the Jags and the Ravens to be pretty good. I have SD defense in a few, along with the Vikes going against that porous GB offensive line ( Guaranteed 5 sacks ).

  • @KUSteve I guess you didn’t win the week one billion dollar pot?!? I forgot to play, but then I have forgotten to play every week so far. Does look entertaining though. I fully intend to give it a go some time.

    I’d say your picks look nice, but it doesn’t mean anything since I’m a complete noob at fantasy sports.

    Best of luck!

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