How Big of a Shoe Bribe Would a Best Player of the Upcoming Class Deserve?

  • Multiple Choice Question:

    What should the Numero Uno player in an incoming class receive in the form of a bribe to sign with a shoe brand and attend a particular school and coach contracted to that brand?

    A. $100,000

    B. $150,000

    C. $200,000

    D. $500,000

    E. $1,000,000

    F. $10,000,000

    G. $100,000,000

    (Note: all fiction. No malice. I don’t believe in bribes. But I do wonder what the upper limit to bribes of a college basketball player is, if these bribing allegations turn out to be upheld in a court of law.)

  • Sounds like D was not out of the question based on what I have read. $100k seemed standard. They must be selling a staggering amount of crapola (read: 3 stripped apparel).

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