Snapchat anyone?

  • I am not sure if any of you guys have snapchat BUT if you are a true fan of the KU basketball team you would enjoy seeing their posts! Watching the team practice until they cant dunk the ball because they are too tired, half court shots, dancing and singing in the locker room together is highly entertaining to me! I cant figure out how to post their videos or pics but if you have a snapchat account I would highly recommend finding our guys and checking their storylines daily…

  • Not to mention if you can read body language and see how recruits use snapchat to communicate to their friends and followers you get a better picture of where they might go? More so than reading any 247 sports bs or other boards. I get a lot of info from watching snapchat on recruits. I don’t post a lot but I do have a wealth of knowledge from talking with guys and watching them on snapchat! If there are other snapchat users that follow KU let me know?

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