ok guys

  • what the hell, something going on with my computer maybe? - -I don’t see any posts. - - I see posters and such but not the content whz up? - - -All I see is a picture of Allen field house court need a little help here anybody know whz going on? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 if it’s still the same, turn it off and try again.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 thank you for your help, I’ve tried but says something on that one about internal error not sure. Now I’m seeing obviously over here - -so guess I just have to use this one lol. Thank you for your suggestion appreciate it looking forward to the game thanks. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Hmm that’s weird. So youre on the same computer? Maybe I broke something for you with the css overrides. You’ve logged off and logged back on and no dice?

  • @approxinfinity hey guy, ya, same computer but when I’m on my other account of Jayballer 54, I can see where people have made posts or replies BUT I can’t see what they said. - -It won’t show how many replies have been made on any thread or anything. - -I can see the title of the topic but that’s it. I can see people profile pics, but as far as me seeing any of the responses to a thread, or how many responses I have nothing. Also I thought well let me see if I can see if I reply, I can see it when I’m replying but when I post it - -BAM gone. - - also under my notifcations showing that either someone mentioned me, or liked my response when I would click on that it would again say enternal error - -got me baffled on that account. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @ballin54 I’ll bet it has to do with whichever skin you were using on the other account. Can you tell me which one, then try to change it and see if that fixes it? If so maybe I can fix the custom css for the broken skin and then test it. Otherwise I’ll have to roll back.

  • @ballin54

    What computer are you using, Windows PC or IPad/Android? What browser? Try clearing the browser cache and cookies and restart your computer, hopefully it will take care of it.

  • I just cleared some cookies … my wife suggests I eat more fruit. But elfin’ magic is just too tasty.

  • @approxinfinity

    It was a skin problem I had the same problem. When I switched skins ever thing was fixed.

  • ok now here comes my computer stupidity - -I do not know what skin means your talking about computer - -I’m sorry takes me awhile sorry.

  • @ballin54 remember back when we were playing with which font looked best under profile? Thats what I mean by skin. Setting in profile. If I know which one is a problem I might be able to fix it.

  • @ballin54

    A skin is the theme or look and feel you select in you profile. Click on your avatar/icon on the upper right hand side if the page and then select settings. When the settings page is displayed the first option should be skins; select a different one and hopefully it will fix your issue.

  • @DoubleDD which one was it?

  • I believe it was super hero. Even now when I go back to display it, still not working right.

  • hmm thats interesting cuz I removed the offending css. weird. ok thanks for that.

  • @approxinfinity

    Went back and checked it. It’s working now. So I don’t know. Maybe I hadn’t checked to see if it was working after you rolled back the new program?

  • It might have been a cache thing. I forgot that there were themes that had light colored text anyway, so that means changing the background for the content to white put light text on light background for superhero. See, bowling ball, china shop.

  • @ballin54 I didn’t know what a skin was, either. When DD was mentioning problems with his skin, I first thought he meant some kind of rash or something.

  • @KUSTEVE lol, I hear ya, I’m not to proud I’ll be the first to admit it - -I don’t know beans when this happens lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @approxinfinity Hey bud, got on my computer and came to the site this morning and everything was fine. - -I didn’t do anything, but can see every one’s post & threads now just fine. I don’t know what happened but it’s all good now, I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and input – it’s a mystery to me what happened but it’s all good - So let’s get ready for the sweep today in Italy thanks again everyone. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I’m sure i messed up the skin you’re using (in combo with the device / browser you use) with the tweaks I did. Reverted and all good for the time being. May revisit later :thumbsup_tone1:

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