Margin of Victory: Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War By Douglas MaGregor

  • Haven’t read this yet, but plan to. Retired US Army officer Macgregor builds on previous books emphasizing increased mobility. A serious critic of using military to pursue evil doers and corporate agendas. Definitely supports Trump in cutting ties with trying to win Syria with ISIS as our proxie army, or sending more troops in. A Syrian civil war is not a threat to our national security, says he. Says we have spent nearly 25 years bankrupting ourselves digging holes chasing evil doers in places that do not improve US national security. Troops arrive and quickly realize they aren’t fighting for American national security. Efffectiveness declines. Military degenerates. Maybe the new Powell doctrine and Smedley Butler combined. Only fight wars where our national security is at stake and instead of bringing overwhelming force, bring overwhelmingly mobile force able to exit any time.

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