A List of Reputedly Documented False Flag Terror Events

  • Here is a link to an interesting list of reputedly documented false flag terror events.


    The website appears the work of a Canadian professor with a Marxist lean that has reputedly long worked to point out the dangers of globalization. Despite the thick irony of a Marxist complaining about globalization, when Marx, Lenin and Trotsky advocated global revolution (though to be fair the blood thirsty Stalin flatly opposed the idea of global revolution and cruelly exiled or murdered many for continuing to advocate such ) , I am posting it because we Americans in the current era of apparent subterfuge by foreign and domestic players need to become better informed and more savvy about the apparently not infrequent tactic of false flagging to drive public opinion into positions it would not otherwise be expected to support.

    I hate false flagging, same as I hate Marxism, but political and military strategists of many ideologies seem to engage it. Very sobering, even if only half were true.

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