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  • Hmmm, just read where our Boys LaGerald Vick & Udoka are on the roster for the Under Armour All American Camp - -starting today ( Wednesday) at Philadelphia University - – pretty cool. - - NBA Scouts will be there in attendance hope they show/play well. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • just read an article from the LJW. seems like people talking pretty favorable on big boy. Udoka, Jeff Borzello from ESPN wrote:

    If Udoka can make even 50% of his shots in the lane, he is going to put up numbers. Getting position EVERYTIME down the floor, defenders either fouling him OR letting him go.

    John Rothstein states: - -Udoka going to have to make free throws - - -BRUTAL to handle down low.

    I’m thinking I would find some time somewhere to work, work, work, work spending time at the free throw line to improve. - -You gonna be spending lots of time there BIG FELLA ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Udoka will be a beast, but as you know officiating is inconsistent. He will probably get fouled a ton but many will go uncalled. It goes both ways though so yeah.

  • Banned

    UDoka is going to shock the world, and so are the Jayhawks.

  • Copied this

    One guy that generated some buzz from NBA guys here was Kansas’ LaGerald Vick. Super athletic, made perimeter shots, defended well.

  • The big guy (or gal for that matter) alway gets the crap beat out of them and then they get whistled for the touch fouls. It is completly unfair and Udunka better get ready for how he will handle it. Not much of a load to handle if he is always on the bench with 3 whistles in 2 min.

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