KC vs SEATTLE Game 2

  • Happy Independence Day ! Whit’s so happy he parked the first pitch. Royals 1-0 top of 1st. Hoz on second for Salvy wit 2 out. Now 2 on for da Moose - yeah ! Keep the fireworks poppin !

  • Duffy’s on the hill for the first time in a month. Show us what ya got . Not much so far 2-1 Seattle after 1 inning.

  • @globaljaybird Will be in an out but big man crush on Whit. Maybe we finally have a decent leadoff hitter.


  • @brooksmd Moose should get a 🤗 huge contract but I sure hate to end up with nothing when we lose him. That ain’t fair at all IMO Baseball ⚾️ must look like a beach ball to him right now.

  • @brooksmd Here’s Moose again with KC up 6-2 & Salvy on 2nd. He can put it outta reach with another dinger here. Not this time but Duffy has a 4 run lead so I like our chances.

  • @globaljaybird Duff lockin down since the first and now the boys have given him some breathing room will be tough for the M’s.

  • @brooksmd Whit turning into a poor mans Zobrist that doesn’t switch hit. But I’ll take it anyway. Score 🎼 update SD 1-0 on Cleveland bottom of 5th. Royals up 6-2 on Seattle top of 7.

  • Mr Zoombya whiffs with 2 on to end the 8th & its KC 6-3 heading to da 9th. Now bottom of 7’ SD 1-0 vs Cluber in Cleveland. Tribe is tough to shut out. Hold the n Padres ! Bono just triples & scores on a WP. 7-3 may be a winner sports fans.

  • Yeah!!!

  • @globaljaybird Heck of an effort by Esky from behind 2nd. Not an easy throw out if a 360.

  • The hell with shopping our guys we need to start looking for more help on the hill.

  • Dang, do I take a chance on jinx-in’ SD by switching over or just watch the scoreboard?

  • Well SD didn’t give their closer any breathing room. Hope his stuff is spot on tonite.

  • Geez, a closer with a +6 ERA. Maurer. 1 out.

  • Game. SD 1-0

  • @brooksmd Final SD 1-0 yeaaaaah !!

  • @globaljaybird That’s what, 1 1/2 back in division and same behind NYY for top WC spot.

  • What’s this I hear about Moose having the most home runs for a Royal before the All Star break with 23? The guy must be killing it.

  • @brooksmd finally a gain

  • @approxinfinity Wrong buzzard breath. 24th today.

  • @approxinfinity And only 4 behind Judge who plays in that Little League park in NYC.

  • @brooksmd Think it’s 2 in loss column. Those you can’t get back. In fact I rarely even pay attention to wins. You can change your win total, but cannot change the loss total of the team ahead of you, only the competitor can. Still tied with Molitors Twinkies - they won again.

  • @brooksmd Seeing the ball big right now, looks like. That pitch was a mistake and he knew it was a home run before he even hit it.

  • @approxinfinity That’s been a big part of their comeback, taking advantage of opponents mistakes.

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