Josh quotes from draft

  • This from Dan Bickley of AZCentral:

    When asked what makes him different, Jackson had this to say on Thursday night:

    “I think my versatility, just my competitive spirit. I don’t think the other guys in this draft really care as much as I do. I don’t think they play as hard as I do, period. I think that’s what really makes me special. I refuse to fail, period.”

    An ESPN commentator said Jackson “has a chip on both shoulders.” Fran Fraschilla, a former coach turned analyst, once noted that Jackson had a compulsive need to win every single drill.

    “If you ask me, of course I’m going to say I’m the best player in this draft,” Jackson said. “But if you ask those other guys, they’re going to say the same things about themselves, I’m sure. But I just love competition, and I love proving people wrong."

    “I’ve been drafted to Phoenix, and I’m going to go there and make the best of it. I’m going to be the best player I can be. And those teams who didn’t draft me, one day they will be sorry.”

    This mindset remind you of anyone ?

    I live in Celtic country, and although not really a fan, I was hoping they would get JJ just so I could watch him on tv a lot… He is never going to forget the teams who passed him up - ever. That is how he is wired.

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