Frank "speed, toughness" Mason goes 1st or 2nd Round?

  • “Frank did a really nice job this morning,” Sixers vice president of player personnel Marc Eversley said after the workout, as reported by “He had a terrific year shooting the ball. He’s especially terrific in transition and finishes very well in the paint.”

    Eversley said Mason’s strengths are “speed, quickness, toughness. He’s courageous, very courageous. He does a lot with his body.”

    Mason said after the workout that he’d love to play for the Sixers and combine forces with former KU forward Joel Embiid.

    “Oh yeah, it would be great to play with JoJo and be a part of this franchise,” the 5-foot-11 Mason said. “I think they’ve got a lot of young players that are really good that are working hard and it’s going to be special here pretty soon.”

    Mason has worked out twice for the Sacramento Kings. He’s also worked out for Orlando, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Utah, Washington and others. The Kings, who have two first-round selections (5 and 10), could take Mason at No. 34.

    "Ahead of Mason’s historic final year as a member of the Jayhawks, the two shared a conversation in which Selden says Mason essentially called his shot.

    “He said before last year he’s going to win national player of the year,” Selden said Thursday, “and he went out and did it.”

  • My wish for the Sixers to draft both JJ and Mason has gone up in flames with the trade with the Celtics – might have gotten me to watch the NBA again. But good grief, anything but Sacramento.

  • @HighEliteMajor I was thinking Mason to the Celtics with JJ wouldn’t be so bad… I mean if the Celtics want to go longer at Point…

  • @approxinfinity Nice … took me a few seconds to process that.

  • Josh #1 (100% emotion-based), Mason #27 (applied 0% logic, 0% analysis)

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Suckramento: the place where basketball careers go to die.

    Its like the organization is still haunted by the paleo-management legacy that was too inept once upon a time to draft complementary players to win a ring with Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas. UNREAL! It was like not being able to figure out how to draft players to go with Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen.


  • @HawksWin

    Call some local movie makers in Lawrence and make an indie bio pic about Frank coming out of nowhere in Virginia to call his shot and win POY at Basketball Shangri La.

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