Is There Asymmetric Penalization Relative to Shoe Brands in D1?

  • I wonder.

    After the NCAA lowered the boom on adidas-Louisville for hookers and what not, while AirJordan-UNC hangs out in the ethers of discipline for compromising the basic academic function of a major state university, your loyal board rat has to ask: what would have been the disciplinary results had the shoe contracts been on the other feet?

    What if Louisville had been contracted with AirJordan and had just received a mongo-hugacious new contract, and had not needed to use hookers to overcome adidas’ apparently restrictive talent pipeline, and UNC had used the hookers, whilst contracted with adidas?

    Would the lopsided penalizations that seem involved have been reversed?

    Leaving that sort of speculation for those wiser than I am and possessed of insider information I lack, mustn’t this just be the pits for for Ricky Pitts.

    Its bad enough that his Louisville Cardinals have to take the hit from the NCAA, but at the same time his old nemesis, Roy Williams, the guy who, while at KU, once beat his then rebuilding UK team 150 to something humiliating, gets to fade into the ethers on what appears to me to be perhaps worse transgressions.

    Life ain’t fair.

    Just ask President Trump.

    But let’s not go too far in the dumps for Slick Rick.

    He’s got two rings and FU money.

    And who knows?

    Maybe the NCAA will throw the book at UNC yet.


    And maybe some rich and powerful folks will go to jail in these United States for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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