Coaches Need to Have the Right Answers, Not just be in the game like coaches and fans--jaybate 1.0

  • I’m ready for some right answers from Coach Self, Zenger and the Chancellor on shoe contracts and KU’s failure to sign highly ranked talent at the 1 and 5.

    I experienced what it felt like to play for conference titles with Ted Owens and Roy Williams. I experienced what it felt like to play for rings with LB and early on with Self.

    What Self is doing now feels more like playing for titles than for rings.

    I am not presumptuous enough to claim to know whether they should be doing it differently right now, but I for one am ready for some candor and leadership about why they appear to be playing for titles instead of rings, and why this is what they ought to be doing, and for how long? I’m talking about the “Tulsa with an OAD” approach to recruiting–the apparent Elite Eight ceiling.

    I am one old grad no longer comfortable with Coach Self and KU banking big adidas checks, when the adidas conveyor appears unable to deliver talent making playing for a ring feasible, especially, if there were a feasible, right way to play for rings. It’s one thing not to win rings. It’s quite another not to take the steps necessary to have the talent to win rings, because one can make more money suboptimizing.

    Time for leadership to step up and explain (without being defensive) to the faithful fans what’s going on, why it has to be done this way, and how long it has to stay this way before we can recruit and sign the levels and amounts of talent at the 1 and 5 needed to play for rings.

    I don’t want Coach Self’s head. He is the best coach in America. I want his candor.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Been a few days since I logged on here.
    I think that’s an excellent question. We are Kansas after all. Bluest of the blue bloods. High elite major, right up there with UNC and UK and Duke. We should be landing more top recruits and not stuck scraping the bottom of the barrel season to season.
    Surely this topic could be addressed in such a way as to not seem threatening to either of those guys. Its a very real question. Questions have answers. This particular one has an answer which isn’t being made public for some reason or another.

  • The 5 is a dying position. Players don’t even want to be called a 5 anymore. We are blessed to have Udoka.

    When Self has starting spots to sell, he usually does alright. Last year was brutal until Self cleaned up in the transfer market securing future teams. If things keep trending that way, then I’ll be more intrigued.

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