Devonta Jason

  • Really a very good article today on Devonta. They talking about how alot of Coaches and Schools don’t really believe Devonta will end up at KU. - -In the aticle Devonta says - -it really didn’t get to me when mentioned - -he says he knew KU was 2-10 last year and 0-12 the year before. He stated It’s not really about what School you go to, or being a big fish in a big pond. It’s about your future and making an impact on your life. It’s about being known and recognized.

    So it says unlike so many other players if they received an offer from KU - -un-like offers that get tossed on a pile on the floor, he wanted to come and see what it was about - He like it - -His mother Tamara fell in love on the trip to KU also. Devonta said he spent time with Coach Beaty who outlined his vison for the future and how Devonta would fit in. - - -He sat down with new ofensive coordinator Doug Meacham who is known as one of the brightest young offensive minds and they watched film of what his role would be in the new offense. He talked with Tony Hull who played a significant role in making the Connection in the first place.

    Devonta said even being as far away as he was from home - - " It still felt like home" Devonta and Corione bought into the future of KU. - Says ya still getting calls & texts from Coaches to see where he stands, just how serious he is on his commitment.

    Devonta says he plans to take his offical visits this fall and by NO MEANS shut down this line of communication ( This statement here makes me really nervous )

    Devonta plans to graduate early and offically sign with his school in Decemeber in the new rule early signing ( This is a good sign hopefully get him on Campus early and not have to worry )

    Devonta says in order to sway him he says it will require the perfect match - - a mix of comfort and offensive promise that can trump KU that they have presented thus far. - - His mother will have to be swayed too.

    Many assume this clas will unravel and Devonta will ultimately sign with an Ala, or LSU - and all recruiting will be restored to normal -OR he might just be that Uni Corn it says. - -Right now KU is working on one of it’s best recruiting classes they say in the history of the program - we shall see - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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