Big day today

  • Already have two LOI’s in house to start the day. Tait has the coverage at LJW. Seems HCCW is the only coach that made it into the office so far with all the snow. Tait thinks he might have slept there next to the fax machine. Hard to believe anyone uses those anymore.

  • Looks like it will be a good day for the Football program. Good to see hat the majority of signees are now coming from HS and not JuCo. Interesting that many of the players chose KU over much bigger name schools; perhaps the lure of potentially more/earlier playing time made a difference.

    7th ranked class in the conference is an improvement; one decent season and maybe next year we could move up to 5 or 4 and start to really competitive.

  • “I’m very pleased with this recruiting class,” Weis said via press release. “Our staff had to show good patience, and, through hard work, we filled almost every pressing need.”

    I’m almost pleased with this class. It’s comparable to last years class ratings-wise. Less JUCO-heavy. But this quote bothers me and is a glimpse into what I think it lacking in our class this year.

    Coach Weis says the word “almost.”… not real reassuring. He didn’t say “we almost filled every want.” He didn’t even say “we almost filled every need.” He said " we almost filled every pressing need." As in there’s a or some pressing need(s) that went unfilled. I’ll speculate here and say it’s the OL that still has some pressing needs that went unfilled. This, of course, is a huge concern. You can have the best QB, RB’s and WR’s in the world, but if you can’t block none of that matters. I guess that’s why I’m almost happy with this recruiting class.

  • Semantics. How they get coached, and how we grow and improve in live play will allow true judgement.

    We have also tried to hyper-analyze Bill’s Self-isms and soundbites, only to realize it was deliberate “coach speak”.

    I only care about improving results on the gridiron. Now, in year 3 of the total rebuild, we should expect competetive, .500-ball type of results. Yes, that means flirting with or having a legit shot at a Bowl game.

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