KU Basketball and NASCAR

  • Huh? What’re you talking about? Yeah, I know that’s what you’re saying if you’re here. But chase this link and watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about at the 1:16 mark. The individual appears very briefly at other points but this one is the best. Anybody recognize him? Or is he just another fan of the greatest college basketball program in the country?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @brooksmd I watched but didn’t notice. Watched on my phone though.

  • Looks a little bit like Snacks but I cannot tell for sure.

  • Here is the freeze frame. Snacks with a beard? Hard to tell. 0_1496060530311_nascar.JPG

  • I don’t think that’s him. That guy looks more like Racks than Snacks. For fun I went back in time looking for Illinois pictures of Snacks.


    Is this him or Luther Head? http://static.news-gazette.com/sites/all/files/imagecache/photogallery_full/images/2011/03/18/1017spor4walkonsrs.jpg

  • It could be a former KU athlete. My Brother was a tire carrier on a pit crew for several years in NASCAR. Now a days most of the pit crew guys are former college athletes that they teach how to work on cars to be as fast as they can possibly be. NASCAR used to be a big thing around my house before they ruined it. Kansas native driver Clint Bowyer is from Emporia and a known KU fan.

  • Definitely not Snacks. Look what #BIFM wrote:


  • @truehawk93 :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: We have a winner!

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