If Self were a football coach

  • KUHoops has an interesting but pointless article comparing Bill Self to Nick Saban. Nick is considered an all time great while Bill isn’t. But if Bill were coaching football he’d have made 6 final fours and probably had more championships.

    The logic used in the article is final AP rankings. 6 times KU has been in the top 4 of the rankings in the final week of the regular season. So by logic, based on the way the current football playoff is set up, KU would have made that playoff 6 times.

    There’s a flaw however. Because they’ve only had that four team playoff for about 3 or 4 seasons, and they go back 10 years. A couple of those years we’d probably have made the BCS title game if they applied the same postseason format to basketball. But several of those years we were ranked 3’rd or 4th which means we don’t make the title game, so the comparison breaks down.

    I know it’s really pointless to discuss, but they brought it up so I guess it might be worth talking about.

    Here’s the article link: http://kuhoops.com/ku-basketball-news/150550432/

  • Look at all the transfers going on right now in bball and ftball. Self and Beaty both having to deal with that right now. Its given KU ftball 2 x SEC wide receivers now in the Alabama transfer, and LaQuiv Gonzalez, who came from aTm. And a grad xsfer Nebr O-lineman. And 2 QBs, while Cozart transfers, as does the other backup QB.

    And Self picked up 31ppg and 18rpg with the Lawson twins leaving Memphis. Literally took half that team’s production because they were mad at Tubby. Tubby not for tele anymore…

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