Italy trippin'

  • Does anyone know how long a bad high ankle sprain takes to heal? Cunliffe only has a few weeks to heal up before the Italy trip. It would be good for him to get in early reps with the team since he will be missing the first semester of play.

  • @dylans isn’t the trip in August?

  • @dylans While the trip offers a wonderful chance for fans to explore Italy with a Kansas flare, the week-long escape to the heart of Italy (July 31-August 8) represents an opportunity for what figures to be a new-look team to come together on the basketball court, as well.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Shouldn’t be an issue then. Already got guys in boots :face_palm: A high ankle sprain is similar to a broken bone in terms of healing length as I recall. Seems like it’s caused by the bones slipping. Ouch. Glad it’s the off season.

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