(Migration Complete) Migrating to new server midnight EST tonight - downtime expected

  • Migrating to new server tonight.

    At around midnight EST, going to migrate our site to more powerful server. Expect downtime.

  • Good luck!

    @approxinfinity - Looks like there are some CSS changes that haven’t been published yet (the nodebb-theme-vanilla package).

    We’ll make it a priority and let you know the moment it’s been fixed.

  • Fixed, do a git pull followed by an npm install to grab the latest theme CSS.

    If after that the images at the top right are still too big, npm remove nodebb-theme-vanilla && npm install nodebb-theme-vanilla

  • @julian Hey Julian, how is the sorting capability coming? Also what about the putting replies under the entries the reply was intended? Or is this Approx’ call?

    I like your product, but I think it’s still a baby and needs a lot of growing. 🙂

  • Hey @wishawk – what sorting capability were you thinking of?

    As for threaded v. flat – that’s not exactly a decision that we’d implement right away. We decided to go with a flat approach as a threaded approach has several disadvantages (more information here).

    At a later date once NodeBB has come along a bit more, we may re-consider adding support for threaded discussions.

    As it stands, it’s already hard to represent threaded discussions on a phone 🙂

  • Hey, @julian Does the reply going under the post being addressed make it a threaded display? If so, I’m good with flat display. Not a big deal.

    Regarding dynamic sorting, I don’t know what your software is capable of. And maybe the capability is already available, but just not implemented.

    So here is what I was thinking. I believe the current setting has the threads sorted by when the last reply was made, the threads with the latest reply goes to the top. To me, it creates a clutter and feels like the old topics got rehashed over and again. But it also appears many people prefer the current format. So I’d like to see a user selectable sort order. I’d much prefer to have the threads sorted by when the threads are created. So the order stays stationary, and I can choose to go down the list and see some other topics that I’m interested. Besides the latest reply is always displayed on each thread, so I know which one got new reply. Make sense?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Really appreciated.

  • Hey @Wishawk - that’s a great idea!

    Re: topic ordering – you are correct. We order topics by “most recent activity first”, so topics that have high interest generally stay at the top. This is a format used by many other forums (by default, anyway), and is a good place to start.

    Knowing that there is interest in alternative sorting (such as a straight “original post time, descending”) can give us the push to go ahead and create the feature. So kudos. We’ll keep it in mind 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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